Rosemary & Garlic @ SXSW

Rosemary & Garlic playing at SXSW, Austin (Texas).

Arrival at Houston airport + Picking up our great rental ‘car’ with just 12 miles on the clock. For us Dutchies, this car is considered a van.


The next day: A little jetlagged but strolling in Austin  was great, we walked around for a bit, went to see the stages where we would be performing the next days, and after that we went to the convention centre to pick up our artist wristband.


The streets where all locked down for cars during the festival, nice for the atmosphere, but it also meant that we walked a lot of miles with our gear. We became a really musculair band during SXSW.


They made us feel like genuine rockstars! (a bit underdressed though).


After a short rehearsal (to get to know our rental gear, and try the USA 110V adapters) We played our first gig at the Waller Ballroom for Paradiso Presents #newdutchwave. Picture by Ben Houdijk.

IMG_0550 kopie

Next day, we played at the same venue: the Waller Ballroom. This time it was for #Dutchimpact #newdutchwave.


After the gig we enjoyed the sun (a lot!) and drank Corona’s with the band + Jasper (manager) & Rob (soundtech). We went to dinner after some beers. The night actually got crazier when we found ourselfs in the White Horse club: a traditional Texan club with people line dancing. Great detail: Anne & Dionne got invited to dance with a local.


When on tour, you’re around people all the time. Sometimes it is nice to have some time for yourself. I strolled around Austin for a couple of hours and this were my highlights.





The last gig was in an amazing church: the presbyterian church, Austin.


A little sad that we had to go home, but happy to travel in good company.


On our way back we suddenly saw a drumshop, I had to go inside and what I saw was amazing.



At last: this is a compilation made by New Dutch Wave. We played the first two gigs for them. There’s a nice spotlight for us around 0:47. Check it out!

Thanks Austin and SXSW for a great experience, hope to see you again soon.